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'Scully has red hair, and I was looking forward to having that again, but I'm also going to play DSI Stella Gibson again in The Fall [her highly acclaimed TV police drama], who's blonde, and I was told if I dyed it red my hair would fall out.I've lost about half of it in the past two years because I've had to dye it for different roles, and I was told that if I went red for Scully and then back to blonde, I'd lose more.

I've sat in front of people wearing it and they haven't known it's a wig, so we'll see.'One of the biggest bust-ups between Gillian and David came in 1994 as the show was enjoying early success, when she announced she was pregnant with her first child by husband Clyde Klotz, the assistant art director on The X-Files who she'd first met the year before.

The show ran for nine seasons between 19 (it first aired here in early 1994), won 16 Emmy Awards and five Golden Globes and spawned two feature films - and next month the much-awaited new series will begin, complete with the original stars, David Duchovny as Mulder and Gillian Anderson as Scully, as well as Mitch Pileggi as their supervisor Walter Skinner and William B Davis as their nemesis, the mysterious Smoking Man.

The series followed the pair as they investigated the FBI's secret X-Files - unsolved cases involving unexplained phenomena or apparent paranormal activity - giving us one of TV's most memorable catchphrases 'The truth is out there'.

But it wasn't just the spooky plots that had viewers hooked.

The X-Files owed much of its success to the chemistry between Mulder and Scully as they forged a deep bond despite their differences, united against the dark forces above them.

And when their platonic relationship developed into a romantic one in series seven it was to the unbridled joy of the show's fans, known as X-Philes.

The last time we saw them, in 2008 spin-off film I Want To Believe, they were still together.

Off-screen, however, Gillian Anderson and David Duchovny have had a famously tempestuous relationship - she admitted last year that 'there were periods when we hated each other'.

So I've come to the X-Files set in Vancouver to see... Today Gillian insists that the pair are friends now and that reigniting that on-screen magic came naturally.

'David and I have always had chemistry - even at the height of our long non-speaking periods we still had the chemistry when we were on camera,' she says.

'We're good friends now, though, and I think we have even more fun together now we're older and recognise the importance of the camaraderie that we have.

We understand that we're the only two people who have had this experience together.

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