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It is a software which manages the bookings for MOT and other services online efficiently. It offers your customers an option to book MOT or other services online and collect payment online.By storing the details of your customers and their vehicle, the software can provide you the information you need to serve your customers well.

It reduces the time garages spend on phone taking the bookings.

Instead the garage managers can focus on the most important part of their business – serving their customers well, which is also our motto.

· Offers flexible booking on any device at any time to your customers in just a few clicks.

· Helps retains your customers by sending them annual reminder for MOT services.

· Can creates job sheets in minutes and convert them into invoices by adding the required details regarding parts and services used.

· Quick and easy invoice generation from job sheets that can be printed, downloaded or emailed to your customers directly.

· Increases your sales conversions through follow up E-Mails.

With each Internet project designed from the outset to be both cost effective and commercially successful, we have designed & deployed hundreds of web sites and Internet based applications for our clients in the UK, Europe and the USA, making us one of the most experienced web design companies in our field.

digital media agency and web design consultants specialising in the creation, hosting and marketing of interactive web sites, e-commerce solutions & web-based applications.

If you or your company are looking to create, expand or reinvent your web presence, build an Intranet, put your products on-line, share your database across the net, or just organise your email, we can help.

For more details of our Internet services, or our in-house web hosting solutions, please click through our web site, or you can call us directly on: 01293 415000, or contact us by email via our contact form here.

Choosing the best web design company for your business in Worthing is an important step, as your relationship with your web designer will last many years.

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