Through the wormhole is there a god particle online dating

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Through the wormhole is there a god particle online dating - webcaps online dating

Science has always been an abiding interest of mine, and I face it as someone raised religious and wondering whence lies the truth.(“Through the wormhole,” for the record, is where it might be found according to Morgan Freeman in the opening voiceover.) The third season, through which I’m currently making my way, has begun to raise disturbing questions about life and mortality that start to highlight some of the more Frankensteinian aspects to human curiosity.

” In the world with which I am familiar, resurrection has always been a religious issue.It stands to reason, even before reason, that as soon as people began to recognize death, they had to be wondering what happened next.It is a bit simplistic to suggest that religion began because of the fear of death.It is also equally simplistic to suggest that death had nothing to do with the beginnings of what we call religion.People have died as long as there have been people.And survivors have carried on after the passing of others.

Maybe we are all grown up now, but it seems that we aren’t fully human unless we give some sort of thought to what comes next.Even if the answer is “nothing,” it’s some kind of religious statement, whether intentional or not.shortly after the first season became available on DVD. My wife actually figured out how to get it without the miracle of the triple play, and we watched the initial installment on death. Like chocolate and peanut butter, two great tastes that taste great together. So after telling us that the Egyptians may have invented the afterlife (although it’s clear they didn’t), the show takes us through other religious expressions: Christian, Hindu, Aztec.I’ve stated repeatedly on this blog, as I used to in my lectures, that death is a universal concern of religion. The Aztec segment brought up human sacrifice again, in its particularly grisly expression, as a means of thinking about what happens after death.I wasn’t really expecting to learn anything new from the show, but it is a good idea to keep up with what hoi polloi are being told about the field in which I’m supposed to be a specialist. In the light of the article I’d read (see last Sunday’s post) I couldn’t help but think how this was an ideal form of social control.

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