Systemd network wait online dating

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Systemd network wait online dating

Once this new flag is used, it will allow to redirect clients to this type of mirrors.

In addition, there are several bug fixes and improvements, and new documentation on tuning your database server for optimal performance.

Yum-style mirror list support is configured with a new Apache configuration directive which creates a mapping of Yum’s query arguments to directories in the file tree. To make this possible, the main handler function in mod_mirrorbrain is now run before all other configured handlers from other modules, not as the very last one.

This means we can run before mod_autoindex, which would otherwise handle a request on a directory, despite the presence of query arguments requesting a yum mirror list.

It also means that we run before mod_php (most modules’ handlers run as middle hook and therefore not in strictly defined order).

A small bugfix is that, for generated torrent files, hashes from the database were retrieved twice from the database. The mirror scanner (mb scan) underwent the following small improvements, other than implementing support for scanning Nginx directories: This is a maintenance release with improvements in the mirror scan reporting, and small fixes and improved usability.

In addition the documentation were enhanced and added to in some places.

Noteworthy are the added instructions on setting up automatic Geo IP database updates (see below).

Macs make automated backup childishly easy: simply plug in an external hard drive and OS X will ask whether you want to use it as a Time Machine disk.

Say yes, and you’ll then get fully-automatic, hourly, versioned backups without doing anything further.

Unplug it to take your Mac Book out & about, and it will catch up as soon as you return and plug it back in.

Even easier, get a Time Capsule, and those backups take place over wifi, so you don’t even have to connect a drive. I like multiple backups, and I like one of those backups to be off-site.

That way, if the house burns down, or a burglar takes both my Macs and my backup drives, I still have access to my data.