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The resort is situated near to the French & Swiss boarders and caters for all sporting levles, with 100km of marked slopes and 30km for cross country skiing.

Courmayeur's snow is exceptional all winter season thanks to its snow cannons spread over 80% of the ski domain.

The dimensions may not exceed 55 cm x 40 cm x 23 cm.

Please check the size of your hand baggage in the racks provided at check-in. 40 cm x 30 cm x 10 cm; 2 kg) may be taken into the cabin free of charge: Passengers traveling in Business Class can take a second piece of hand baggage.

(Also applies to Fly Flex+ bookings made before before )In addition, the following items may be taken aboard if the passenger is dependent on them: We recommend that you carry valuables, medication, perishable or fragile items in your hand baggage.

Please read our rules » on which items may only be carried in your hand baggage.

You will find information about limitations of liability in our Terms and Conditions ».

Please note: Since the space for hand baggage on board is limited, it may occur that in cases of heavy loading, you are asked for your safety to hand in your hand baggage for storage in the cargo hold.The approved hand baggage allowance is subject to the provisions of the operating carrier, if one or more of your flights is operated by an airberlin partner.Courmayeur sits at the foot of the Italien side of the Mont Blanc in the Aosta Valley.Your baggage allowance includes checked baggage, depending on your fare.The number of free baggage items varies according to the fare booked.One item of baggage may weigh up to 23 kg, or up to 32 kg in Business Class.

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