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Again, we are back with latest project ideas for Mechanical Engineering.If you are not able to think out of box Mechanical Engineering project ideas and are bored of old one, then here is the list of new Mechanical engineering projects.

These project topics has been taken from various websites whose reference is also given.You can also Subscribe to FINAL YEAR PROJECT'S by Email for more such latest Mechanical projects ideas.We have created quite a long list of latest Mechanical Engineering project for 2015-2016, so grab some drink and start reading this list.If you like any idea, just use our search option to search it.May be we have already posted reference material for that project.If you have any other ideas for a Mechanical Engineering project in your mind, do share with us through comments and email, so that we can update this list and keep it growing.

We will also add more new Mechanical Engineering project ideas to this list, so do subscribe to our email newsletter.The Icon Horn Loudspeaker Design and Development of Universal Spanner / Wrench Power Generation Using Suspension Mobile Solar PV Trainer Design And Fabrication Of Regenerative Shock Absorber Cal Poly India Project Folding Wheelchair Improvement Cold Roll Extrusion Machine Bellevue-Santa Fe Charter School Solar Panel Project Gas Turbine Semi-Automated Glass Mat Splice Operation for Asphalt Shingle Line CUSP-Carleton University Simulator Project Adaptive Adjustable Tricycle Fixed-Wing Unmanned Air Vehicle High-Performance Housing Bike Water Screw Wildlife Deterrence Method Test Device Torque Testing System: Flowserve Corporation Hybrid Natural Gas Vehicle PEEK Wear Test System Adaptive Basketball Shooter Low-Cost Strider for Guatemala Semi-Automated Method of Assembly for Physio II Ring BLDS Articulated Mounting Feet Energy Generator Exploration Station Senior Project Report Wingtip Dynamics Simulator Horned Lark Management for the Protection of Lettuce Sprouts Automatic Cookie Dough Depositor Bakery Packaging/Processing Aid Beer Growler Filler Vending Machine Processing Plant for Seaweed-based Cosmetics Skin Cream Bottling Plant Square Braid Rope Manufacturing Machine Eco Courier Bike for Full-sized Pallets Chocolate Bar Wrapping Machine Precision Goniometer for Spectroscopy Autonomous Vehicles for Autonomous Science Atomic Force Microscope NI Autonomous Robotics Competition 2015 Lower Body Exoskeleton Gait Generation and Motion Control 3D printing for bio-degradable items Parameterisation of TLUD Cookstoves to Reduce Emissions Gas Turbine Reheat Combustor Single-Grain "Sorter and Loader" for Optical Dating Using Ultrasound To Kill Blue-Green Algae Innovative Modelling and Testing of Clipsal's Universal Switch Mech Archery performance and assessment How much can we dent and damage an aircraft before it goes POP!Development of really cool toys to promote engineering to school students.Hydro power from scrap - providing electricity to the world Blue-prints for manufacturing plants in resource-constrained communities Effect of Tubercles on Heat Convection Effective Cooling of Power Bank Energy Storage Robo Sub Competition Design and build of a lean manufacturing system for custom wheelchair seating Design and Evaluation of Nacre-Like Staggered Composites Smart BBQ Design, Fabrication & Testing of Gear Pump Test Rig Kangaroo robot and biomechanics Thermoacoustic heat engine Project on Gearless Transmission The World's Fastest Track Bike Bicycle Helmet Aerodynamics & Cooling High-efficiency fans using crazy foil profiles Hand Cycling Waste heat harvesting using multiferroic alloys Biomechanics and aerodynamics of hucking and pulling in ultimate frisbee Design and build a PV testing facility The Solar Car Sub-System #1: Aerodynamics, Structures and Ergonomics The Solar Car Sub-System #2: Mechanical Systems and Dynamics The Solar Car Sub-System #3: Electrical and Motive Power The Solar Car Sub-System #4: Integration, Planning, Logistics and Strategy ZELOS: An Autonomous Ground Vehicle Design and build a controllable leading & trailing-edge airfoil system Satellite Systems Engineering Satellite ADCS test and integration Satellite Integration A Novel Hybrid Furnace IV: Effect of burner designs on the pressure in the furnace CFD modeling of solar enhanced coal gasification in a vortex gasifier Design and Development of High Performance Surfboard Fins Design of secure letterboxes for large parcels Strong, lightweight, and recoverable materials: simulation, 3D printing and testing High Temperature Thermal Storage Systems - Application to Resort Hotel Off-Road Racing Buggy Suspension Linkage System Olympic Training Facility Purify water with plasma Investigating the plasma dynamics of laser-induced optical breakdown in Vitreolysis Autonomous Fire fighting Robot Automated Taco Maker Maglev record player Intelligent leading & trailing-edge control system for flexible airfoils.Automated Beer Brewing System Optimisation of a crystal's composition for optical refrigeration Wave Power Generation Rowing ergo instrumentation and Biomechanics De-fouling Heat Exchangers with a Ball Cleaning System Wave power from scrap - providing electricity to the world Design and Build a Micro Gas Turbine Rotary Drum Vacuum Filter Cooperative Juggling Quadcopters Modelling the thermal characteristics of rare Pilbara bat roosts in mines and caves CFD modelling of coal combustion in a drop tube furnace Water purification from kinetic energy Feasibility of Quantum Computing as a Future HPC method Active Exhaust Silencer Next generation power-assist wheelchair for rural application System dynamic modelling within a complex naval project Automating the AFL kicking machine Active Suspension System for FSAE References: Do check our Mechanical section for more project ideas. 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