Reinas o reyes online dating

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Reinas o reyes online dating

After spending 10 years in jail, out of pure love, Victoria leaves the prison with just one wish: to have a normal life.

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Sofía Kuncar is a successful executive, who is promoted to regional manager for Latin America at the headhunting company where she works.

She has two daughters, and Chiara, with her ex-husband Diego Buzzoni, a radio personality.

Since her job now requires Sofía to travel constantly, Sofía decides to ask Diego to take care of their daughters.

Though Sofía is dating Jorge Camacho, her boss, and has been separated from her ex-husband for 4 years, Diego is still in love with her. Carlos is an immigrant widower who works as a gardener to give the best he can to his youngest son, while bearing the pain of losing his eldest son to a gang.

His life, full of sacrifices and hardships, takes a turn when he meets Adela, a beautiful and troubled gang member.

Four friends bonded together by friendship, love and obsession will be witnesses to a crime.

The victim is a well-known socialite, and hers is the third death to shock the city.Before her death, the mysterious disappearance of a sophisticated businesswoman was closely followed by both the police and the media.According to the investigation, a psychopath serial killer is choosing beautiful, independent and wealthy women as targets.They were all murdered following the same modus operandi: a deep, straight cut to the heart. Slowly, the circle closes in, and the suspects are cornered.The police are trying to gather evidence that would lead them to the identity of the psychopath. Only one of them is the killer and, as days go by, the time will come when his true identity is discovered.The story of a wealthy executive who awakens after a terrible car accident with amnesia.