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However, it is possible to set up the HTTP server so that whenever a file in a certain directory is requested that file is not sent back; instead it is executed as a program, and whatever that program outputs is sent back for your browser to display.

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Before you proceed with CGI Programming, make sure that your Web Server supports CGI and it is configured to handle CGI Programs.

All the CGI Programs to be executed by the HTTP server are kept in a pre-configured directory.

This directory is called CGI Directory and by convention it is named as /var/www/cgi-bin.

By convention, CGI files have extension as.cgi, but you can keep your files with python extension as well.

By default, the Linux server is configured to run only the scripts in the cgi-bin directory in /var/

This script can interact with any other external system also to exchange information such as RDBMS.

This interface is used by web servers to process information requests supplied by a browser.

Python has modules to allow programs to do this work.

The convention used by many servers is to have the server programs that satisfy this interface end in ‘.cgi’. All files below ending in ‘.cgi’ are CGI programs on a web server, and in this chapter, they will all be Python programs (though there are many other languages in use for this purpose).

If you want to specify any other directory to run your CGI scripts, comment the following lines in the file − Here, we assume that you have Web Server up and running successfully and you are able to run any other CGI program like Perl or Shell, etc.

Here is a simple link, which is linked to a CGI script called

This file is kept in /var/www/cgi-bin directory and it has following content.