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They made helpful design changes and incorporated multiple language functionality.

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We have been using Kintoweb since December 2009 to increase the presence of our website on the internet where it was virtually invisible!

Since this time our rankings have gone up considerably and we are now always visible on the first page of google (often …We are so pleased we decided to let Kintoweb handle our website.

Their plan of SEO started to take effect quickly and now we are really reaping the rewards, with excellent placing on all the major search engines, outperforming our competition in an extremely c…I’m just writing to let you know that since the website construction via Kintoweb went live, the feedback received from prospective enquirers has been brilliant.

The website has great visuals and explains ‘exactly’ what i am able to offer.

I am now receiv…Kintoweb designed our first site in 1999 and since then have continued to provide excellent web hosting and support through several makeovers.

They take the stress out of the design stage and can quickly upload revisions to keep our information up-to-date.

…Having been let down badly and ripped off by SEO companies in the past I have to say that Kintoweb have restored my faith in digital marketers.

They have produced outstanding web ranking results for us, which has led to a significant increase in revenues, and …On the design front, Kintoweb did as I asked them to.

On reflection I would rather have given them the idea and let them design my website, which I may well do if I get around to it again!

services to companies in Brighton, throughout Sussex and across the UK.

We use the latest design and SEO techniques to produce websites that look good and rank well in Google.

We also offer online marketing and SEO only options.

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