My husband has online dating profiles

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My husband has online dating profiles - phonesex chat room free

Don't get me wrong: In your shoes, I would be upset, but I think it's possible you can get through this.

It sucks that it might mess with your anniversary, but I'm thinking you guys have a lot you should talk about face to face.

I'd bring it up sooner rather than later into your visit (after hellos but before any fancy, romantic anniversary dinners, if possible).

Tell him frankly but calmly how exactly you came across the information (be prepared for some defensiveness, even if you came across it honestly), and then say that while you aren't accusing him of anything, you'd really like to know his motivation for downloading apps for dating.

What I hope is that he'll tell you openly and honestly why he downloaded these apps and how far he went once he did.

And what I really hope is that he either has a good explanation or that it didn't go any further than a moment of curiosity. (If it went further, well, that's a much bigger issue.

"My boyfriend and I had been living together for a year until I moved out four months ago for graduate school.

I have to admit, things have been rocky but for the most part we've been able to get past all of our obstacles of long-distance hardships and trust issues.Recently, I found out that he had downloaded apps on his phone (Tinder and How About We) sometime after I moved away.I assure you I didn't find out in a dishonorable way; it was purely an accident that I wish I could forget.I'm scared to argue over the phone about this so I investigated my leads and found his profile to be deactivated but that still doesn't necessarily demonstrate his intentions on those sites.I'll be seeing him in less than a week for the first time in months to celebrate our four-year anniversary, and I don't know what to do and how I should address it assuming I even mention it.I'm scared this might be the end of our perfect love." Oof. I should point out that our friends at How About We do have services for couples, not just singles…but I can't really explain away Tinder, so I think you're right to be concerned.

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