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About half of each month's programs are related to skywatching: eclipses, meteor showers, planetary conjunctions, stars and constellations, and so on.

Known as when it was first published, it became a color, bimonthly magazine in 1988.Star Date magazine covers a wide range of topics related to the science of astronomy, space exploration, skylore, and skywatching.Articles may cover recent discoveries or serve as a primer on basic astronomy or astrophysics.We also introduce our readers to historical people and events in astronomy and space exploration, as well as look forward to what will make history next year or fifty years from now.For information on writing for Star Date magazine, contact the editor, Rebecca Johnson.Topics: mission status, comet Halley armada I've periodically reported on the status of the International Sun-Earth Explorer (ISEE-3), a spacecraft that was launched in 1978 to study Earth's magnetosphere and repurposed in 1983 to study two comets.

Renamed the International Cometary Explorer (ICE), it has been in a heliocentric orbit since then, traveling just slightly faster than Earth.

It's finally catching up to us from behind, and will return to Earth in August.

It's still functioning, broadcasting a carrier signal that the Deep Space Network successfully detected in 2008.

Star Date is the public education and outreach arm of the University of Texas Mc Donald Observatory.

Our radio program airs daily on more than 300 stations, and our popular bimonthly astronomy magazine is the perfect skywatching companion for amateur astronomers or anyone interested in celestial events and space exploration.

We also offer astronomy resources to teachers, the media, and the public. Send mail to: Star Date1 University Station A2100Austin, TX 78712 Call 8-5 Central time: 512-471-5285 Executive Producer: Damond Benningfield Producer: Doug Addison Contributors: Dr.

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