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Reply In the case of premature closure of deposits banks adopt the following process – at least in India 1.

the net impact is that, you have received lesser interest I suggest that, henceforth if you are in need of funds, pl try and obtain a loan against the deposit with the bank.Update: October 18 2012 I updated my bank interest rates page yesterday, and realized how many different types of interest rates there are.So, I thought I’d create this page with State Bank of India interest rates that will act as a reference for different types of interest rates as well as a ready reference – if someone is specifically interested in SBI interest rates. SBI staff and pensioners: If you are a SBI employee or pensioner – you will get 1% extra on top of the regular interest rate.If you are a pensioner above 60 years old, then you will get dual benefit – 0.50% extra for senior citizens, and 1% extra for the staff. Savings Bank Interest Rates: Savings account get an interest rate of 3.5%.Let me know if I missed out anything or if you have any other questions, and also look at the fixed deposit rates in India offered by other banks.If you are a NRI, then the NRI Interest Rates page will be more meaningful for you, and if you are looking for more information on fixed deposits, then this page lists down more resources on fixed deposits.

Click on the New Here page to see how you can make the best use of this website. Is the offer is better TD option for in comparision to SBI Current Interest Rates?

Waiting for your reply for instant money transfer from my personal banking system.

Kavi Kumar Harinagar Reply while opening a Term deposit a standing instructions was given stating that the amount on maturity, the proceeds may be paid in the shape of a DD payable at my home town where my family stays.

but the bank authorities are deducting exchange charges.

Reply ICICI offers slightly better rates, what time – frame are you looking at?

Here are the two links from ICICI & SBI that you can use to compare interest rates.

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