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In a sense, the media offers readers a translation of scientific knowledge and the quality of that translation relies on multiple factors.

Scientific writing is written passively, in an impersonal tone and undergoes an extensive review process in which the eyes of many experts perfect the nuances of its content.Strict guidelines are followed to ensure that only the finest personnel are selected to provide services for our clients.All personnel must pass a comprehensive Local, State, & Federal criminal backround investigation prior to appointment.Our personnel are selected from the fields of Law- Enforcement, Military, Mental Health, and Emergency Medical Services.All staff have a strong commitment to providing the appropiate level of compassionate care to every person transported.We believe that this measure, if adopted, means at best an annuity of doubtful value for the aged of the future and unemployment benefit of doubtful value for the normally temporarily unemployed of the future--at the terrific cost of retarding the reemployment of those who are unemployed today.

The Senate Finance Committee stands between us and stands between businesses that are almost prostrate, stands between us and destruction, and we feel that we can come to you for support and for protection.

You will have no taxes to pay anything with if you do not keep American industry alive, and we have a right to depend on you gentlemen to do it, no matter what propositions, impractical propositions, are brought up.

I fear it may end the progress of a great country and bring its people to the level of the average European.

It will furnish delicious food and add great strength to the political demagogue.

It will assist in driving worthy and courageous men from public life.

It will discourage and defeat the American trait of thrift.

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