Dating sites ayi

23-Apr-2015 13:31 by 10 Comments

Dating sites ayi

First, when you sign up, you’re given an option to join through a standard email sign-up or through your Facebook profile.Should you choose the latter, you get to see all the users who you have common friends with, thus increasing your chances in finding an ‘online date with an offline method’, meaning through a friend, a colleague or an acquaintance.

However, when we signed up we noticed that there was only one friend of ours who was connected to AYI though Facebook.

You might say it depends on the number of FB friends one has but as we have around 600 FB friends worldwide, albeit most of them in UK and other European countries, we were a little puzzled to get such meagre results.

We can therefore deduct that it must be hugely more popular in USA at the moment.

But let’s get back to profile-building, which is essentially the stepping stone to every single dating site out there.

We have to say that as far as profiles go, AYI’s aren’t exactly the cream of the crop.

Of course, being tied to Facebook there’s the possibility of accessing more information on the members Facebook profile but let’s stick to what the site itself offers – quite flimsy looking and pretty uninformative profile pages with some quite random facts thrown in: your favourite book, your favourite song, your favourite film etc.

Most of us can’t mention one or two of these anyway as there are usually far more than one that stand out in our minds as the bands or films or books we like.

On the other hand, listing a whole array of favourites isn’t that exciting to read and although it might give a clear account of what you like, it says very little about who you actually ARE.

Still, AYI sees that information as pretty essential in trying to find you your perfect match – but we’ll come back to that point later.

As a result of this, the profiles come out as quite messy, random and not really revealing much about the members.

The design is really quite poor and the whole site needs a lot more work to be done to make it look contemporary and appealing.

The whole idea is a bit of a mess and it took us some time before we got to know our way round on the site and how all the features could be accessed – not that there were that many.