Dating site murderer wikipedia

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Dating site murderer wikipedia

He then used a "primitive scalpel", made from a prison issue pen and a piece of metal pried from a wall outlet, to cut major arteries in his ankles, legs, and neck.After swallowing toilet paper to ensure that he could not be revived, he tightened a plastic bag over his head with gauze.

Murphy asserted that jail officials had a duty of proper care and custody of all inmates and that Markoff should have been watched more closely given his prior suicide attempts.

The media have referred to this murder and other murders as "Craigslist killings" because the killer was alleged to have met his victims through ads placed on Craigslist, two of which were offering erotic services.

Markoff was suspected in three robberies – one of which resulted in the murder of Julissa Brisman – that occurred in Massachusetts and Rhode Island.

Each robbery involved a female victim, and the crimes were closely spaced in time and exhibited strong similarities. Markoff was charged with armed robbery and kidnapping for the events of April 10, and murder in the death of Brisman on April 14.

The arrest took place on Interstate 95 in Walpole, Massachusetts, while Markoff and Mc Allister were en route to Foxwoods Casino in Connecticut.

brought by the Suffolk County DA in Brisman's slaying.

The DA stated that physical evidence, including a semi-automatic handgun, wrist restraints, duct tape, and other materials were found in Markoff's apartment when the police executed a search warrant.

At his arraignment, where he was represented by Boston attorney John Salsberg, Markoff maintained his innocence and pled not guilty to all charges.

He was held without bail on a murder charge, although separate bonds were set on charges of armed robbery and kidnapping stemming from the incident involving a second woman.

On May 4, 2009, a warrant was issued in Warwick, Rhode Island, for Markoff's arrest, seeking to charge him with assault, attempted robbery, and weapon possession in the April 16 Holiday Inn Express case.

However, the Rhode Island Attorney General said that their prosecution would not go forward until the Boston cases ended.

Some of his friends set up a Facebook group entitled "Philip Markoff Is Innocent Until Proven Guilty".

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