Current law citator online dating

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Current law citator online dating

To access citing cases, click on the Cited by link near the top of a case to see a list of cases citing the case you are viewing.

When viewing a citing case, the highlight tool locates to references to the cited case.

The RSS features in Can LII allow you to be notified when a case on Can LII is cited in a new case.

You should be familiar with the scope of coverage of any service you use for noting up cases, and be aware of the different features offered by each citator.

Quick Cite locus page and paragraph references are shown in citator results with link.

Citing case opens to first page unless Locus link is clicked on.

Once in citing case, Hits does not locate to citing references.

Key Cite is designed to quickly tell you whether a case is good law, through status flags and organising results by treatment code.

Results can be re-sorted by date, court level, citation frequency and depth of treatment.

Results can also be filtered by date, depth of treatment, jurisdiction, court level, treatment type, and citation frequency.

There are two comprehensive electronic citators for Canadian case law: Quick Cite on Quicklaw, and Key Cite Canada on Westlaw Next Canada.

Reflex on Can LII is not as comprehensive and does not assign treatment codes.

However, it is a good starting point for updating recent case law.