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One nice thing about the javascript and html format, though, is that those who do want to experiment more can, and the popularity of those languages makes finding tutorials pretty easy for newcomers to programming.

If you take the right door, turn to page 91.” There are few books like this still being made, and make fun coffee table books, such as To Be Or Not To Be.It uses a very simple visual flowchart, and scripting largely involves creating hyperlinks between these nodes, or “passages”.It outputs an file with all of the information in it, making it immediately playable online as well as highly customizable - anything you can do to a web page, you can do with Twine.The main interaction in Twine games is clicking a hyperlink. It takes about five minutes for most people to get a handle on it and create their own barebones game, even without any previous game development knowledge.There’s several simple programming features built into it such as variables and if-statements.The Twine community has created many different Javascript macros that greatly expand the functionality of the tool, which can be added to a any given project with a simple copy-paste.

There’s also themes you can download to change the appearance of the game (colors, backgrounds, effects), much like you can change the appearance of any given webpage.

You can write your own CSS (like I do) to modify its appearance yourself. Heavy logic-driven games feel unwieldy because there’s no good editor that helps highlight and parse your scripts – it’s all placed in a single text-only bucket.

Anything that requires extensive programming knowledge is probably best created in your own custom engine rather than using Twine.

The following article was written by Insomniac game designer Liz England and was originally published on her personal website

For more about the tool itself, visit the Twine website.] A lot of developers (and some gamers) are kind of aware there’s this tool called “Twine” out there that makes web games, but don’t really know much about it.

They don’t know why it’s popular and what it’s used for – most people by now have heard of Depression Quest, at least, but that’s the extent of their knowledge.