Ahli united bahrain online dating

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Ahli united bahrain online dating - obliczanie kalorii online dating

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Free to download on IPhone and Android devices, AUB customers can now view balances and transactions on their personal accounts (whether current, savings, term deposit or loan account), transfer money locally or internationally, make bill payments, and request a host of other services- from ordering a new cheque book to blocking their ATM card if lost or stolen.Customers can also keep track of recent transactions made on their credit cards and make a repayment of latest statement balance.Speaking on the launch, Abdulla Al-Raeesi, DGCEO-Retail Banking, AUB, said: “This new mobile banking platform marks another important step forward for us in offering our valued customers a true ‘on the move’ banking experience, allowing them to do a wide range of everyday banking transactions without the need to visit any bank branch or be limited to branch hours, all with the assurance of the most robust security standards they expect from AUB”.“With the use of mobile apps growing ever more popular, we are pleased to introduce this service as part of our ongoing investment in putting in place a comprehensive range of banking platforms, both traditional and digital, so that customers can manage their money and keep on top of their finances in simpler, quicker and far more convenient ways than ever before”, added Mr. Ahli United Bank BSC (AUB) is a full fledged commercial and investment banking group providing wealth management, retail, corporate, treasury, offshore and private banking services.The Group's businesses consist of the operations in Bahrain, a wholly owned subsidiary in the UK and associates in Kuwait, Qatar, Oman, Egypt and Iraq.In Kuwait, AUB has an effective holding of 75% in the Bank of Kuwait and The Middle East while in Qatar, AUB has a 40% stake in Ahli Bank QSC.This development has helped accelerate progress in the delivery of financial services and penetration into targeted geographical markets.

Founded in 1971, Action PR's headquarters are strategically based in Nicosia, Cyprus.

Action PR is the only independent Public Relations Agency Network that focuses on the world's most promising and emerging markets.

It has offices in more than 40 countries in Central & Eastern Europe, Russia, Central Asia, the Middle East, North Africa and the Levant.

In Oman, AUB has a 35% stake in Ahli Bank SAOG while in Iraq AUB has a 49% stake in the Commercial Bank of Iraq.

In Egypt, AUB, its associate banks and other Gulf financial institutions together hold an 89.3% stake in Ahli United Bank SAE.

Apart from these banks, AUB has a nominal stake of 75% in KMEFIC, a brokerage, asset management and corporate finance company based in Kuwait with operations around the Arabian Gulf.

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